Mia chosen to be featured in PRoject V.I.P.!

Congratulations to Mia Lovelock Gugliotta from Sydney Talent Company who has been chosen to be one of the core cast members of PRoject V.I.P. A “how to” Rags to Riches Journey, PRoject VIP explores the highs & lows of building a successful PR (Publicity) Management Consultancy. From the personal and private life of Owner / Entrepreneur Matt Leigh to the daily functions of running his newly Re-branded agency – Hector Marcus. We are introduced to the mostly unknown cast with the occasional surprise cameo by the many High Profile Personalities within Matt’s social circles. A much-anticipated series that will surely amuse, educate and most importantly entertain.

For further info and updates: https://www.facebook.com/TeamHMAU

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