STC’s Nina Fernandez featured in Gina vs Rose: The House of Hancock

STC’s Nina Fernandez features in the upcoming Nine Network Telemovie “Gina vs Rose: The House of Hancock”, about the acrimonious relationship between the super rich Gina Rineheart and her sexy stepmother Rose Porteous.

Nina plays the role of Housekeeper Heidi Biddle, who was one of the main staff in the household who eventually testified in court that Lang Hancock‚Äôs flamboyant widow Rose Porteous, screamed to him about his will, complained he was too slow to die and, while Lang Hancock was gravely ill, she used black magic to attract Willie Porteous, whom she married just five months after Lang Hancock died. Heidi claimed she helped smuggle Willie Porteous into Rose’s bedroom before Lang Hancock died. But the inquest also heard evidence that Heidi Biddle was paid by private investigators acting for Gina Rinehart. The endless scandals, secrets and rumours of the rich and famous! This project will air in 2015.