STC Students star in Penrith Promo Video

The digital travel channel “Bound Round,” is a source for adventurous children wanting to explore Australia and the World. Six of our Penrith drama class teens have been selected to create a “highlights for kids” video about the Penrith area, what are their favourite places to visit and why everyone should join in the fun. In addition to being on TV, the video will play on board all Virgin Australia flights via their inflight
entertainment system.

Alexi Pepper, Yasemin Kurt, Amy Graham, Jessica Fox, Tianna Stevens, Riley Jeff were interviewed on camera yesterday for the video by the director and cameraperson. Their teacher Lauren McKinnon was there to help and give them moral support. The six impressed everyone and had a great time.

Keep tuned for the release of the Penrith Promo Video with the complete STC Cast!