STC scores 2nd Place & Highly Commended Awards at Sydney Eisteddfod 2014

STC wins the  2nd Place Award (Brittany Macchetta, Aaron Nesbitt and Jodie Klopf) and the Highly Commended Award (Addie Fowler and Jono Burt) at today’s Sydney Eisteddfod Duologue or Trio 18 & Under Competition held at Scot’s College, Bellevue Hill.  The three teachers Laura Donovan, Daniel Sassen and Jon-Claire Lee are extremely proud and pleased with all the performances of our students and of all the hard work they put into their scene work, as well as the great support from the parents.  Our 14 groups participated in both the 18 and under category and in the 14 and under category.

Congratulations to ALL!

Event 351 (14 and under): Charlotte Brinkworth, Sophia Chesworth, Dee Jones, Sarah Davies, Angelica Armeni, Ashwina Lohith, Ryan Duffy, Ella Beesley, Melina Krkac and Tegan Paddy.

Event 350 (18 and under): Gabe Alvarado, Hugh McPherson, Rebecca Wightman, Brittany Macchetta, Aaron Nesbitt, Jodie Klopf, Kyle Thompson, Cayde Fowler, Jessica Peake, Jacob El Mahir, Jono Burt, Addie Fowler, Alyssa Nakat, Victoria Jones, Harnit Bharaj, Bonnie Wong, Toni-Rose Abdel-Ahad, Eduard Geyl, Daniel Gauci, Diana Kazakov, Shania Probst and Alicia Scott.


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