Miguel plays at Sydney Opera House

Our Miguel Sebastian was selected last week to feature in a promotional photo shoot as  the Executioner’s Assistant for the spectacular Opera Australia production of Puccini’s Turandot.  The photos have featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph.

The story: Turandot is a beautiful and brutal princess, who challenges her many suitors to answer three riddles on pain of death. No one has ever succeeded.  Calaf is a brave, selfish prince from a different land, who watches the princess behead a rival suitor and falls instantly in love.  Despite the wishes of his exiled father and the pleas of a slave-girl who loves him, he rings the gong and declares his suit to the princess.  She presents her riddles, and in triumph, the unknown prince answers. Turandot despairs and the prince takes pity – offering the ice-cold princess a riddle of his own. But Calaf’s riddle risks more than his own life – everyone else’s hangs in the balance.

See Turandot and Miguel at The JOAN SUTHERLAND THEATRE &  The SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE.  JUNE 24 – AUGUST 28, 2015.