Kay Forgets Toothbrush in Oral B TVC

Oral B will launch a new TV campaign soon and one of the principal scenes happens in a pub. STC Kay Fallico features in a group of ladies having a great time among all the drinks and music and laughter. Thank goodness, she is an early riser, as her start time on set was 7am. Wasn’t that a bit early to start drinking? No worries, she told me, there was no real alcohol served. If they did serve the hard stuff, can you imagine what would have happened to all the actors after an hour – in a 10 hour shoot? What’s the commercial about? Well, you’ll just have to wait for it. All I can say is that Kay wasn’t asked to bring a toothbrush. All is top secret and hush hush… Coming soon to a TV, ipad, iphone near you!

Kay Fallico Resized