Jessica Fallico portrays brave whistleblower on 4 Corners

No cash, no credit card and you can’t get a bank loan?  On TV you’ll see ads telling you to go to your nearest pawnshop and borrow with almost 100% loan approvals – instantly.  Many people who have headed down this path have discovered that the rates of interest are much higher then they ever thought and theyare now in serious trouble.

On the 31st March 2015, ABC’s Four Corners put to air the story of the the highly questionable business practices of ‘payday’ lenders.  Our Jessica Fallico was asked to portray the brave whistleblower who exposed what happens behind the scenes in such companies and how they have no interest at all in the future welfare of those who come to them for help.

To view the very troubling situation facing many families and individuals, go to the following link:

Jessica fallico on 4 corners 1