Gabe & Jo feature in “Postcards from Hell”

The Stanley Street Gallery and “A Human Voice Project” invite you to attend Postcards from Hell, a live performance of a new work portraying the untold stories and truth of the voiceless and faceless souls who seek asylum on our shores. Sydney Talent Company’s Gabe Alvarado and Jo Raj feature prominently in this premiere production. It lifts the veil of secrecy shrouding controversial events that have taken place ‘on water’ and in Australian Immigration Detention Centres, both on and offshore. Penetrating the invisible wall of security and paranoia, we offer an ‘inside view’ of life behind razor wire and steel fences, in a dramatic and moving work that challenges popular myths and stereotyping of this vulnerable group of people fleeing violence, torture, oppression and persecution in the Middle East.

Public performance Saturday 1st November 6:45pm to 8:30pm
Address: Stanley Street Gallery, 1/52-54 Stanley St., Darlinghurst