Four of our actors featured in ABC’s 4 Corners tonight!

ABC 4 Corners takes on Gambling & Gangs – on 15 Sept, the program focused on how far the Australian Gambling Industry is influenced by Asian gangs.  For the “dramatic” scenes of the story, ABC created a casino set in their studios in Ultimo.  Four performers from STC were selected to play featured “high-rollers.”  They were James Wong, Frank Chen, Leon Tan and Victor Reyes.  They told me they had lots of fun filming the sequences and would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars – if the money was real.  Furthermore, our Rudi Yap portrayed a former casino manager who revealed some important information about the secret dealings behind the scenes.  The manager, for safety reasons, did not want to be recognisable.  This was another in-depth investigative story by the highly regarded ABC program.

Don’t miss it tonight, 8.30pm! Take a look at the preview here –