Ashur MC’s Haldon Street Festival

On 23 Aug, 2014, our very popular actor Ashur Shimon (TV series – Fat Pizza, Housos, etc.) charmed overflowing audiences at the Boulevarde Stage of the 2014 Haldon Street Festival. This landmark event for local businesses, residents and visitors brought the community together in a celebration promoting Lakemba and the theme of the festival –‘Respect, Unity & Peace’. Around 25,000 people flooded into the heart of Lakemba’s Town Centre, Haldon Street. It’s here where audiences experienced the ambiance of unique international cuisines, diverse cultures, hundreds of stalls, bubble soccer, food extravaganzas and a full day of entertainment hosted by Ashur. A great way to show some national harmony in a world full of bad news, racial issues and disasters – both natural and man-made. There is hope when we all come together in peace and learn more about each other’s culture. And it’s fun.